My research on privacy, profiling, algorithms, automated Learning and societal impact of smart technology

(Note: this page is reasonly up-to-date but needs better structuring: work-in-progress)

New publication!
van Otterlo, M. and Feldberg, J.F.M. (2016) Van kaas naar big data: Data science Alkmaar, het living lab van Noord-Holland Noord, Bestuurskunde, 1, pp. 29-34, ISSN 0927 3387

New publication
van Otterlo, M. (2016) Project BLIIPS: Making the Physical Public Library more Intelligent through Artificial Intelligence, in proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries (QQML2016)
The above paper is now published in QQML journal

I am involved in various writing/talk activities about algorithms, privacy, surveillance and big data for various audiences (e.g. an archivists organization). Check this page for updates when they come.

I wrote a position paper on the future of the declaration of human rights and whether, in the context of algorithms, we need new modifications in the digital future. It was used in an expert panel organised by Amnesty to develop a new strategy for the digital world (Martijn van Otterlo, Broadening the Privacy Concept in the Digital Age: Adjusting rights?)

Working on various topics dealing with the future of the (public) library, algorithms for curating and gatekeeping, intellectual privacy, and all that. It is related to my BLIIPS project

The book on Algorithmic Life edited by Louise Amoore and Volha Piotukh (with Routledge) just came out before Christmas 2015! And it has my chapter in it titled The libraryness of calculative devices: Artificially intelligent librarians and their impact on information consumption (about privacy, algorithmic gatekeeping, the future of the library and nice Lego pictures of course...) A draft chapter can be downloaded as well.

The paper I wrote with Frans FeldBerg on local government issues concerning data science is completed

Through AAA, ACBA and DSA we do various data science projects with companies

I am setting up a new university-wide course on "ethics of algorithms" to be held at the beginning of 2017

In April 2016 I'll give a guest lecture on algorithmic governance issues at the Universite St. Louis (Brussels, Belgium)

In February 2015 I'll give a guest lecture on "working with algorithms" for the bachelor course on (digital innovation) (VU, Amsterdam)

In November 2015 I gave a guest lecture on the consequences of big data and analytics (Leuven, Belgium)

In November 2015 I gave a guest lecture on the "working with algorithms" for the master course on (digital innovation) (VU, Amsterdam)

December 2014 I gave a guest lecture on algorithmic governance, privacy, surveillance and big data for AI master students in Leuven

I was involved in the construction of a special journal issue on "big data", algorithmic governance and all that (to appear 2016)

I participated in an expert panel organized by Amnesty International about the consequences of "big data" for human rights (yes.... I wrote a position paper, available upon request) (Nov 2014)

I lectured in a seminar for master students in design about the consequences of "big data" for identity, design and manufacturing at the Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam (Nov 2014)

I was a discussion parter for Evgeny Morozov when he was in Nijmegen for a Soeterbeeck seminar on his new book in October 2014

My article in Trouw (Dutch newspaper) on 10th Sep 2014 deals with the decreasing influence of individuals on privacy, manipulation and behavioral engineering

In February 2014 I talked about "Digital Globalisation and Globale Digitalisation" (AI, Big data and so on) during a debate night organised by Amnesty International in Nijmegen.

M. van Otterlo -- a huge paper on new algorithmic insights into privacy and information consumption presented at the International Calculative Devices Conference in Durham UK, November 2013, to appear (in compressed form) in a volume edited by Louise Amoore and Volha Piotuk (2014?), under the title: The Libraryness of Calculative Devices : Artificially intelligent librarians and their impact on information consumption

A nice piece in De Correspondent that talks about metaphors for privacy and surveillance aspects discusses my Walden 3.0. metaphor as well.

M. van Otterlo -- Automated Experimentation in Walden 3.0. : The Next step in Profiling, Predicting, Control and Surveillance in: Surveillance and Society, (2014) volume 12, number 2, link to the full paper and abstract"

In June 2013 during the Smilee workshop in Maastricht, I talked about "Traveling from Manhattan to Walden 3.0. : Privacy risks of machine learning, profiling and automated experimentation"

M. van Otterlo Counting Sheep: Automated profiling, predictions and control at the Amsterdam Privacy Conference (7-10 October 2012). It basically tries to extrapolate (in a cautious, constructive and technically plausible way) from profiling as Big Brother to profiling as leading to what I call Walden 3.0, see this working paper

M. van Otterlo (2011) A Machine Learning Perspective on Profiling in Privacy, Due process and the Computational Turn: Philosophers of Law meet Philosophers of Technology Hildebrandt and de Vries (eds.) 2013, Routledge.
A draft (somewhat longer) version can be found here Parts of this work have been presented at:
The International Conference on Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (2011, Philosopher's reading panel, invited talk)
CTIT Symposium "Security and Privacy - something to worry about?" (Enschede, The Netherlands, Tuesday June 7th, 2011, invited talk)
Projected Worlds: Data, Digitisation and Decision (Newcastle, UK, 3-4 November 2011, invited talk)

I was interviewed by Jolein de Rooij about a Microsoft patent This interview was published in Intermediar-PW,January 2012.