(look also at the other sections of this website for additional items) This section includes some of the recent presentations which are not directly associated with a publication. Mail if you are interested in (PDF or PPT) files.

Relational Reinforcement Learning Parlepraatje TKI group, October 2003

Relational Reinforcement Learning Oberseminar, ML group Freiburg, November 2003

Bellman goes Relational Freiburg-Leuven Workshop, Hinterzarten, March 2004

Relational Reinforcement Learning: Snapshots of an Emerging Field April II Kick-off meeting Paris, March 2004

Martijn goes German and Bellman goes Relational Parlepraatje HMI (was TKI) group, November 2004

Reinforcement Learning and Dynamic Programming in Relational Domains Stichting Neurale Netwerken (SNN) seminar series, December 2004

Logic Programming meets Dynamic Programming Dagstuhl Seminar on Probabilistic, Logical and Relational Learning, Feb 2005

The Logic behind Dynamic Programming Freiburg, Leuven and Friends (FLF05) Workshop, March 2005

The Logic of Adaptive Behavior Nijmegen IRIS group, October 2005

Monday 21st May 2007 I lectured on Reinforcement Learning for the SIKS course on "Learning and Reasoning", held in Vught.

The Logic of Adaptive Behavior DTAI, Leuven, June 2008.

What happened to Alice might happen to you too ML-meeting, Leuven, November 2008.

Towards Behavior and Activity Learning Fluffy Workshop, Grandpre, France, March 2009.

May 2009; Lecturing on Reinforcement learning and related techniques, for Dutch PhD students for the SIKS course on learning and reasoning (see here for some additional material).

June 2009; Go-AA internal meeting for the GOA on probabilistic logic learning, on activity learning, probabilistic planning, card games and video.

The System must have a Life,... and Relations Reinforcement Learning Workshop, Barbados, April 2009 (invited) talk on model-based (relational) reinforcement learning and related techniques.

Statistical Relational Learning for Semantics in Robotics August 2009, Cognition, Control and Learning for Robot Manipulation in Human Environments ---- talk on how to employ statistical relational learning and (relational) reinforcement learning for robotic manipulation tasks.

November 2009; talk on model-based relational reinforcement learning and related techniques informal talk in the Robotics and Machine learning group of the TU Berlin, Germany

November 2009: talk about Dagstuhl, mobile manipulation and related topics in our local Relational Robotics Meeting group

March 2010: FirstMM Kickoff meeting: "Introducing K.U. Leuven" on relational robotics Freiburg, Germany

March 2010: Bongard, The Winter Olympics and Friends Freiburg-Leuven Workshop, Boppard, Germany

March 2010: Bongard 2.0.: A New Logic of Vision Spring Machine Learning workshop (SML), poster, Boppard Germany

November 2010 Robot-friendly probabilistic programming languages First-MM Review meeting, Freiburg, Germany

December 2010 Relations everywhere Bremen, Germany (Spatial language workshop)December 2010 Theory and Practice of Solving Relational Decision-theoretic problems Bremen, Germany (dept. seminar)

Dec 2010 Prolegomena in Relational Vision, Language and Robotics ML Meeting, DTAI, Leuven, Belgium.

Jan 2011 Probabilistic Logic Learning and Decision-Theoretic Planning for Manipulation in Relational Robotics Institutio Superior Tecnico (IST), Lisbon, Portugal

Jan 2011 A Machine Learning Perspective on Profiling Computers, Privacy and Data Protection, Philosophers' panel, Brussels, Belgium

Feb 2011 Grabbing, Tapping and Pushing, and Relations: Explorations in Lisbon First-MM (EU Project) meeting Augsburg, Germany

May 2011 Prolegomena revisited ML Meeting, DTAI, Leuven, Belgium

June 2011 -- Spatiality in Perception and Interpretation Good AIfternoon Talks series, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands

November 2011 Data Wars: The rise of intelligent decision makers (~ Profiling, Machine Learning, Data Wars) Projected Worlds event, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

Oktober 2012 - Counting Sheep: Automated Profiling, Predictions and Control (Towards Walden 3.0) - Amsterdam Privacy Conference (APC)

June 2013 - Traveling from Manhattan to Walden 3.0. : Privacy risks of machine learning, profiling and automated experimentation - Smilee workshop near Maastricht

July 2013 - Reinforcement Learning as Interactive Experimentation with Abstraction Levels, International Symposium on Abstraction, Reformulation, and Approximation (SARA 2013) (invited talk, canceled due to unforeseen events)

August 2013 - Relations Between Reinforcement Learning, Visual Input, Perception and Action -- Dagstuhl seminar on Reinforcement Learning (organized as EWRL 2013)

October 2013 - Relations between action, visual perception and reinforcement learning -- MBSD group Computer Science Department, Radboud University Nijmegen

November 2013 - Do librarians have beliefs? Artificially Intelligent Calculative Devices and their Impact on Information Consumption -- Calculative Devices Conference (invited talk), Durham/Newcastle, UK

February 2014 - Digitale Globalisatie, Globale Digitalisatie, Kunstmatige Intelligentie - over: Privacy, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Control, Amnesty debate evening, Nijmegen

March 2014 - About logic, vision, and Duplo Blocks, poster, SMile Workshop, Oostende, Belgium

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