Teaching is important, teaching is fun. I have received my BKO degrees (labeled "convincingly") which says I'm qualified to teach university level courses (master and bachelor).

Courses and Education (@Tilburg currently)

Under development, but topics will be methodology, data science, reinforcement learning, and AI/algorithmic ethics, and supervising theses on data science and AI

Next semester (2018-2019, Semester 2): methodology for AI and Cognitive Science (for premaster) and Knowledge representation and reasoning (1st year Bachelor)

Courses and Education (@VU)

2014-2015: student projects (open data)

2016-2017 various computer science and FEWEB projects in project BLIIPS

2015-2016: various (guest) lectures at VU and outside (e.g. Brussels, Leuven)
student projects (working with algorithms, data analytics, etc)

2016-2017 and 2017-2018: new course: on

ethics of algorithms

This course is part of a university-wide minor and can be taken by students from various backgrounds (which makes it a very exciting course). The course features topics ranging from ethics, A.I., machine learning, profiling, surveillance, manipulation by algorithms, filter bubbles, robots, autonomous cars, fake news, singularity, superintelligence and all that.
Both editions (2016-2017 and 2017-2018) were very well evaluated. One aspect was a team project in which students had to come up with a creative solution for an algorithmically created problem. The winning team created this video about Shieldy, a helpful assistant giving insights in how companies and search engines profile you.

Courses and Education (@Radboud)

years 2011-2014:
(BKI312) Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (1st semester)
(BKI212) AI: Planning, Search and Machine Learning -- Reinforcement learning (2nd semester)
(MKI50) Human-Robot Interaction (2nd semester): I set up a completely new course which ran for three years and got great evaluations
Additional, Partial and Previous:
Neural Networks
Caleidoscoop Kunstmatige Intelligentie
Trends in Artificial Intelligence
Evolutionary Algorithms

...(a lot)

Teaching before 2011 includes various artificial intelligence courses, neural networks, artificial life and art, Matlab/Java programming, multi-agent systems and learning, and so on, including SIKS (Dutch research school) courses for PhD students